Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Curios and Wonders of the Barge

A version of a peep show where the performer's hands animate found objects from Battersea Barge, the location for the show.

A show for one person to view at a time; the performer greets visitors to the stall inviting them to contribute a small object of theirs which would appear in the show, before entering the stall - a kind of make-shift booth. The brief performance in the booth sets the objects as characters within a simple narrative animated by the performers hands.

The photos above are of the nooks and crannies in the barge, referring to places the 'found objects' came from.

Each viewer was presented with a card showing a detail from these photos.

My Site | In Space 3, Battersea Barge

Curios and Wonders of the Barge was presented at a site-specific performance workshop and showing event curated by Switch Performance, held on Battersea Barge in Vauxhall.

Switch Performance website

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