Thursday, 10 November 2011

Free Gifts at Present in Public, Liverpool

Present in Public, a development programme for new gift-based public works / interventions for six artists facilitated by Tim Jeeves, is pleased to show these new performance works throughout the city of Liverpool as a part of Giving in to Gift on Saturday 12th November.

See programme here
Includes my new performance installation in the Hub at the Bluecoat, described below...

Free Gifts

A range of the artist’s possessions are on display and up for adoption; these things are surplus for her, no longer wanted. She seeks responsible new owners and will interview anyone willing to take an object home.
In a culture where consumerism is commonplace and there is an absence of effective systems of repair or recycling, the work examines the legacy of a purchased or gifted object, and the strange hold our possessions can have on us.

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