Sunday, 28 June 2009

Index print

I've been reading about a Surrealist interest in 're-filing' ideas and objects according to the logic of the unconscious e.g The Office for Surrealist Research proposing creating a card file index of all the 'ideas that occurred to us concerning every question which will be raised by our entire group'.

It's an interesting idea that a collection of items could be called an archive while not being ordered in a rational manner.

I'm interested in developing a previous work - Kept Objects - which sought responses and chance connections with others, when I gave away some of the many belongings I collect around me without making active use of them.

I am interested in links made by early Surrealists like Andre Breton and Max Ernst between chance encounters and the unconscious. Breton described a 'found object' as an external answer to a question in your mind that you did not know you had asked.

I want to explore what my kept belongings mean to me, and what connections they could spark in others.

Sven Spieker, The Big Archive (2008) MIT Press.
Previous work 'Kept Objects' shown at Arnolfini Live Art Weekender

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Abigail Thomas said...

Interesting work. I am intrigued by your interest in the Surrealists. You say that its interesting how 'a collection of items could be called an archive while not being ordered in a rational manner' because most archives (especially those of artists) are not in a rational manner at all to start with, and in fact dont necessarily end up in a rational order but are placed within the order that the archivist places upon them. All very interesting, we should talk about this, I would be interested to hear how you have reapproached your previous 'kept objects' work.