Tuesday, 9 June 2009

LIKE WHEN YOU, Vyner Street

LIKE WHEN YOU is a two-week research project into the process of making artwork, using a collaborative studio space to generate ideas, artwork and discussion, lead by Tamarin Norwood.

I interviewed artists about the role of coincidence and accident in their practice, using the game pictured above to select from my pre-written questions by chance. One response from another artist is sampled below:

“I say I embrace chance as part of my practice – but I embrace it in a control-freakish way! It happens and then I take it into my power instead of letting it continue to be something that I can do nothing about. For example, I was doing a piece of performance work in a lecture theatre, and some one had drawn something on the white board and left a note saying ‘please leave’. So I thought, ‘oh, it’s going to have to be part of my performance now.’ So I put out a note saying: ‘Please contact me as soon as you see this, I need to have an interview with you’… I need to record it, I need to turn it into a transcript, I need to justify it in my sketch book, I need to reflect on why it was part of my performance… So already something that was – that I could have left to be - accidental and unexplained, had become rationalised within my process.”

LIKE WHEN YOU, what it is to make an artwork

Photo credit: Tamarin Norwood

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