Monday, 11 April 2011

Longhouse Bursary project

Dawn Pilot

Civil Twilight and Sunrise: On December 9th 2010, civil twilight started at 7:14am and ended at 7:54am with sunrise.

Civil twilight is the final phase of the dawn, with the sun now 6 degrees below the horizon. In this time the horizon becomes clearly visible, and ground objects progress to becoming visible too, and during this period there starts to be sufficient light to undertake activities outside, and street lights may be timed to switch off during this time.

We were surprised to see how much change took place after sunrise. The red glow on the horizon was just after sunrise - the time when the upper edge of sun becomes visible over the horizon - but this soon faded to a sky of greys, and then, around half an hour after this there arrived pinks, yellows, turquoise blue sky... the colours one typically associates with sunrise. Photos below taken at: 7:45am, 7:47am, 7:54am, 8:27am

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