Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Longhouse Bursary project

Dawn Pilot

Nautical Twilight is the next phase of dawn - starting with the sun 12 degrees below the horizon and spanning light conditions from being able to start to make out outlines of objects outside and getting lighter but not getting to the point of easily being able to work (or play sports!) outside. Sometimes referred to as 'the blue hour' by painters and photographers. Street lights are still on for this period.

On 9 December this phase was from 6:31am to 7:14am

We watched, drank tea, photographed, noted changes... the many shifts in the colour and lighting of the sky, shop lights coming on, traffic picking up. A dark cloud seemed to rest right across the horizon, but the breaks in this deep blue block framed the lightening sky dramatically. Photos below at the time of transition from Nautical Twilight to Civil Twilight.

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